DIY French Toast Bar

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Raise $500 with A French Toast Bar at your Pajama Drive

french-toastTalk about DIY! DIY yourself an amazing French Toast bar at your pajama drive. Hosted by The Beat this pajama drive provided some of the best french toast bar toppings that kept Paramount Employees coming back for more.

The event raised over $500 dollars and 50 pairs of Pjs to bring comfort, cuddles, and smiles to the kids at CHLA!

How exactly do you host your own a pajama drive you ask? Well we have all you need to know about that in 5 easy steps. Just click on the link below and you’ll be on your way to spreading love through pajamas across the USA.

5 Easy Steps to Host Your Own Pajama Drive

This idea is so unique, easy, and a way to effectively raise donations and funds for new pajamas for kids. Your guests can choose themselves like their own adventure book how exactly they want their delicious slice of heaven put together. This french toast bar is perfect for breakfast time, brunch, or an afternoon get together.

Check out one of the best french toast bar recipes to toast like a culinary pro!

Best French Toast Bar Toppings & Recipes

DIY Best French Toast Bar Recipes

Best French Toast Bar Toppings

A DIY bar is not a DIY bar without delicious toppings! Here are some recipes that will take your toppings from wow to EMPTY plates. There’s a homemade flare in each one and you can whip them up easily to give your guests a lot of variety and deliciousness.

Here are a few of the best recipes for your french toast bar toppings!


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