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Impact a child’s life with jammies that create hope, warmth, and love

Your Donations are Tax-Deductible

Remember financial donations are tax deductible. If you want to send your donations directly to Jaz’s Jammies, please include a note with your name, address and the number of PJs and Donations you collected.

Pajama Drive Instructions

So You’re Having a Jammie Drive or Planning an Event!

What a jamming idea! We thank you so much for being a part of donating new pajamas to children in need!

Jaz’s Jammies, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that provides new pajamas to children in need. We believe in spreading love through pajamas.

“In the USA one in 30 American children face homelessness. That means 2.5 million kids have no safe place to lay their head at night.”

80% of homeless children worry that something bad will happen to their family.

“Likewise, many children aren’t able to enjoy the joys of just being a kids as disease and sickness keeps them in and out of the hospital.”

You can bring light into the lives of these children.

5 Easy Steps to Host Your Own Pajama Drive:

1. Know the types of pajamas to collect.

Pajamas need to be New, Unused, and the pajamas should be a complete set (top and bottom) or nightgown.

2. Pick an age range to collect for.

You get to choose which age range you want to collect for (you can choose more than one):
All ages, infant – 18 yrs old
Children from infant to 5 yrs old
Children 6 yrs – 12 yrs old
Teens from 13 yrs – 18 yrs old (up to adult size XXXL)

3. Create a pajama drop off location.

This is where people can drop off/send the new pajamas. You can decorate a collection box, or multiple boxes with paint, fun wrapping paper, or whatever new DIY you just checked out on Pinterest.

You can have the jammies sent to your home, or work with your employer, or a religious or community center that can hold onto the donations until the drive is finished.

4. Promote your drive!

Our Logo can be downloaded from our website and used by you in promotion of your drive.

5. Report your earnings solider!

Once the Drive is Complete, you can report everything you collected as one easy donation! Just click here and fill out this easy form with the amount of jammies, or money you collected:
Click Here to report your donations!

We cannot provide pickup service for donations, however, within 7 days we will contact you with a receiving organization that would love your donation. We will provide you with a contact name and number to arrange for a convenient drop-off time of your donation.


Download Materials

Jaz's jammies pajama drive logo download

Jaz’s jammies logo download

Click To Download Jaz’s Jammies Logo

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