Our Results

Jaz’s Jammies Inc. has collected over 5,000 pairs of pajamas and impacts the lives of children throughout the USA.

Pajama Volunteers with pajama donations
We appreciate the gift of pajamas donated to the patients and families… Patients and parents are always very thankful and happy to participate and be the recipients of the kindness of donors like you. They always express their excitement and getting items such as the pajamas is always something they look forward to.Hospital Gift Specialist
A patient was being seen for some things including skin irritation. One suggestion was to get the patient some different clothes to see if that had anything to do with the problem. I picked out a pair that was pink and had a cat on it. The mother was very grateful for the pjs. She stated that the patient had been up all night and that she was really hoping that the problem was something minor. She also stated that the patient liked the color pink and that it made the patient very happy.ER Staff Member

Past Collections

2006 – 850 pairs
2007 – 550 pairs
2008 – 600 pairs
2009 – 500 pairs
2010 – 500 pairs
2011 – 650 pairs
2012 – 500 pairs
2013 – 250 pairs
2014 – 300 pairs
2015 – 150 pairs
2016 – 250 pairs
2017 – 200 pairs so far!

I had a patient who had to wait for most of the day for transportation and the little boy did not have any clean clothes to return home in. I picked out a “Scooby Doo” outfit for him. The mother was so very grateful. She stated that the hospital had been nothing but kind to them and that the little boy loved Scooby Doo. She stated that if we did not have these, he would have had to go home in the patient gown so she was very appreciative that the PJs were donated to kids in need.Hospital Staff Member

How We Deliver Jammies

We work with each facility to confirm specifics regarding the children being served at their location (ages, etc.) and to decide the best delivery day/time.


Jaz’s Jammies partners with hospital administration and community volunteers to ensure that pajamas collected reach children as expediently as possible.


At other nonprofit facilities, we help children pick out pajamas and experience the joy on their faces as they choose the perfect pair.


At hospitals, the administration meets with us, explains how the pajamas will be used, and takes our pajamas to their Child Life offices or a donation housing area until needed.


We provide new jammies for kids in need across America. The children we serve endure a wide range of challenges such as homelessness, terminal illness, and hospitalization. Through Jaz’s Jammies we are able to give warmth, happiness, and hope to those children.

Our Kids Challenges

  • Homelessness
  • Terminal Illness
  • Hospitilization

Over 5,000 pairs in 10 YEARS! Now that’s something to about.

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