Girl Scouts Raise over 80 pairs of pajama donations!

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Over 80 Pajama Donations

Hailing from Hernando, Mississippi a group of girl scouts set out to join Jaz’s Jammies in spreading love through pajama donations. The Girl Scouts of America are 2.7 million strong.

Girl Scouts of America is made up of 1.9 million girls and 800,000 adults who believe girls can change the world. Over a century has passed and through each year they have grown stronger and stronger creating new leaders, new hope, and urging strength in their communities. Girl Scouts of America has truly achieved it’s goal to create change in the lives of girls and to encourage leadership and growth.

Girl Scouts of America Promotes

  • Leadership

  • Community

  • Growth

Jaz’s Jammies itself was birthed out of a Girl Scout project!

An amazing group of girls put their time and efforts forward to make a difference in the lives of more than 80 children. With each pajama donation more love was spread to children. Over 80 pairs of pajamas were donated to Jaz’s Jammies from the Girl Scouts in Hernando, MS!

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