Help Children Find Hope and Happiness

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Hand and hand and through thick and thin we all stand together. That is how we know we can make it. No one ever made a difference all by themselves and that’s exactly why we need you. Without your help we never would have reached this goal of over 2,000 pairs of jammies being donated to children in need. From our pajama drives to every individual donation, you have been a part of spreading love through pajamas. However, it’s no fun being on the outside looking in! Volunteer and become a part of the Jaz’s Jammies forever family.
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We love partnerships here at Jaz’s Jammies! Our organization has partnered with schools, hospitals, corporate businesses, and churches across America! We can’t thank our partners old and new enough for supporting us. We are more than grateful not only for every generous monetary donation but for each second of time you have volunteered. You are the reason that we are accomplishing our mission and giving children across America hope as they lay down to a good night’s sleep.

If you want to become a corporate donor please contact us for partnerships or other opportunities.

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If you would like more information about volunteering for our events please contact:
Jasmine Gray – jazjammies@gmail.com