200 Pajamas Collected for Homeless and Hospitalized Kids

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Christmas school pajama drive

200 Pajamas Collected for Homeless and Terminally Ill Kids

Ever heard that lovely phrase it’s better to give than to receive? Well at Whitehaven High School students got the chance to experience this firsthand with Jaz’s Jammies unique and fun pajama drive!

While many charities are raising funds during the holidays to make the words “Merry Christmas” a jolly truth, Jaz’s Jammies seeks to provide a unique sort of gift. Can you guess what it is? That’s right jammies or pajamas but we prefer the latter (it is our name after all). Jaz’s Jammies received exceptional support from Whitehaven High School in Memphis,TN in collecting pajamas for hospitalized and homeless children.

As the holiday season jingled in students and staff alike found themselves embracing the season of giving in a pajama donation drive. Jaz’s Jammies collected over 250 pairs of pajamas in just a few days with their pajama drive! Bags were filled to the brim with cozy, cuddly pjs and smiles were had from children across the Mid-South. It was practically a world record!

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Pajama Drive to Impact a Child’s Life

Unity at Christmas time is exactly what we all hope for. Goodwill to men is echoed in those songs of joy that chime with glee in bustling department stores. How can you feel this joy and merry emotion anytime of the year, why by hosting a pajama drive yourself! It’s quick, easy, and most of all it makes an impact on a child’s life! Just click here to find out how you can take part!

Find out How to Host A Drive

Had so much fun at your pajama drive that you want to experience more?! Well we have just the thing for you. We are always excited to gain new members in our family of volunteers!

Click Here to Volunteer Now!

Take a look for yourself at the amazing work Jaz’s Jammies is doing! Check out more information about our events and this amazing pajama drive right here on facebook!

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